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 SVDL-1262 "Get On Your Own Side Or Else!" Preview and Download Page

Get On Your Own Side Or Else!



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When it comes to the bed, I call the shots!  Get on my WRONG SIDE and you'll spend a painful evening between my THIGHS!


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Video Description

It's been quite a while since we last shot with the ALWAYS SEXY Cleo so we were thrilled to once again get her in front of our cameras and let her do her thing!

And do her scissor-thing she does and then some!

In fact...she pretty much creates a new category in this video we'll call 'scissor-humping' and after you watch this video you'll know what we mean!

When it comes to the bed and which side she prefers to sleep on...Cleo calls the shots!  So when her man decides to switch things up by plopping himself on her side...she plops her strong cheerleader thighs around his neck!

And when it comes to our popular scissorgasm-style videos, few can do it as well as Cleo, primarily because Cleo REALLY gets off on having a man's head clamped between her thighs!

Watch as Cleo straddles his neck gyrating back and forth eventually transitioning into a TIGHT front headscissors where she continues to move her hips in a circular motion and reminding herself at one point to make sure he has a chance to breath...BARELY!

At one point she tells him..."Hmmm...that feels good!  Rubbing my pussy on the back of your head!".  Then snaps her thighs out giving him a BRUTAL scissor-jolt!

And when it comes to snapping and chopping scissors...there's plenty of that as well always ending in a VICIOUS SQUEEEEZE!

In the end Cleo pulls him to the corner of the bed to put the 'finishing touches' on him first with a standing reverse headscissors then does a 180 into a standing front headscissors pulling him up as high and tight as possible telling him..."Ohhh...don't pass out on me now!".

Watch as Cleo begins to really pour it on gyrating her hips in all directions while her man begins to drift off and eventually succumbing to Cleo's SCISSORGASMIC FRENZY!

Once again...Cleo delivers another instant ScissorVixen classic you don't want to miss!



SVDL-1262 'Get On Your Side Or Else!' Preview Clip


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  22 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.6 GB


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Date Added : February-21-2019



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