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SVDL-1139 "The SCISSOR Domme Next Door!" Preview and Download Page

The SCISSOR Domme Next Door!


Bella Rossi




Full High Definition


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I LOVE CRUSHING THINGS between my POWERFUL THIGHS like neighbors who can't mind their own business!


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Video Description

Right from the start we could tell Bella Rossi was as dominant as they come!  It was written right on the jacket she was wearing in bold letters: 'Sadistic' on one side and 'Masochist' on the other!

Getting pleasure out of your PAIN is what this powerfully built domme is all about and boy can her POWERHOUSE THIGHS dish it out!

Her background includes soccer, dancing and bare-back horse riding as well as working her SKULL-CRUSHER THIGHS in the gym so as she puts it..."Once you're locked in...there's no way out!".

We've never seen such an incredible contrast in color between Bella's muscular white thighs tightly clamped around her victim's deep red, and at times, purple head and face!

This girl can put you to sleep in a hurry if you're not careful!

And that's exactly what she eventually does to her nosy neighbor who bangs on her apartment door demanding to know what all the noise is while he's trying to take a nap.

She points to her 'Sadistic Masochist' jacket she's wearing and tells him she's having 'scissor auditions' today and is having a difficult time finding new slaves that can take her SQUEEEEEZE!

After sending the last potential scissor slave home for failing, her thighs are ready to test out a new neck and unfortunately for him it's going to be his!

Bella's thighs EXPLODE to huge proportions, while clamping down on his neck, quickly making him tap-out in only the first of many EXCRUCIATING neck scissors!

Watch as she often licks her lips while forming a devilish smirk knowing her thighs are far more than he, or any man, can handle!

In one BRUTAL figure-4 she says..."I'm trying to pop your fucking head of with my crotch!", then gyrates up and down on the back of his neck nearly following through with the threat!

And when he can no longer hold in his cries of agony while clamped in a front head scissors she tosses her head back and says..."Oh, I love those noises!" and continues to add even more pressure!

In the end Bella realizes this is one more potential scissor slave that can't take the PRESSURE but as his friendly neighbor she decides to give him what he wanted from the beginning...NAP TIME!

Do you think you have what it takes to pass Bella Rossi's scissor slave test!?

So check out SEXY Bella Rossi in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'The SCISSOR Domme Next Door!'.



SVDL-1139 'The SCISSOR Domme Next Door!' Preview Clip


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